Preparation Checklist for Photography

Before the photographer arrives, you should make sure that you are letting in as much light as possible. Open up the curtains and pull the blinds all the way up. Turn all interior lights on. Turn off fans. Keep animals out of sight. No vehicles in the driveway for exterior photos.

Twilight Photos

• All outside lights need to be working, please check for burnt out bulbs. This includes stair, pool, landscaping, and fence lights

• Sprinklers should be turned off

Drone Photos

• No vehicles in driveway

Rooms with a View

• Windows need to be recently cleaned to see the view. For oceanfront houses with east-facing windows this is a must and I recommend they are cleaned the day before a shoot

• Taking the screens out of windows will help to see the view, but isn't a "must"


• Pool should be uncovered and clean, if possible


• Clear away dish racks, cutting boards, tea towels, hand and dish soap bottles, etc.

• Clear countertops of all clutter

• Remove bulky countertop appliances, i.e. Keurigs

• Clear outside of refrigerator of magnets, papers, photos, etc.

• Make sure stainless steel and glass are clean and free of fingerprints

• Sinks should be empty and clean

• Vacuum floors and wipe down cabinets

• Hide trash cans


• Clear off the counter tops – no toothbrushes, shavers, soap dishes, tissues, etc.

• Remove shampoo and all other products from the shower/tub area

• Remove bathmats

• Glass shower walls and doors should be spotless

• All toilet seats should be down and lid closed

• Remove extra toilet paper, the toilet brush, plunger, and scale

• Mirrors should be clean, no spots

• Vacuum floors and wipe down cabinets

• Hide trash cans

• Hang nicely folded, fresh towels

All Other Rooms

• Clear out clutter

• Vacuum floors

• Hide remotes

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